Future Course Offerings

Please note that the following course offerings are pretty complete but may change.  We will hopefully offer 1-2 more electives for Biology majors depending on the recruitment of new faculty.

* Indicates the courses that fulfill the intermediate-level course distribution requirement for Biology Majors. All distribution courses have a required laboratory. Students majoring in Biology must complete, by the end of junior year, one course each from the following three pairs:

  • Molecules: either Genetics (BIOL-152) or Biochemistry (BIOL-151)
  • Cells and Systems: either Developmental Cell Biology (BIOL-175) or Mammalian Physiology (BIOL-170)
  • Populations: either Ecology (BIOL-180) or Evolutionary Processes (BIOL-181)

The following plan for Academic Year 2014-2015 is on-line for the fall; spring of 2015 is a good forecast but a few additional courses are likely to be added.  Fall of 2015 should be very similar to the fall of 2014.  Every effort has been made to make this forecast as accurate as possible; however, please note that this is liable to change based on recruitment of new faculty and faculty sabbaticals.

Fall 2014, 2015

Courses for non-majors
  • BIOL-013  An Issues Approach to Biology
Courses for majors
  • BIOL-101  First-Year Seminar in Biology
  • BIOL-103/113  Foundations in Biology I
  • BIOL-152  Genetics *
  • BIOL-175  Mammalian Physiology *
  • BIOL-180  Ecology *
  • BIOL-203  Seminar: Inquiry into Foundations of Biology
  • BIOL-255  Forest Ecology
  • BIOL-261  Science & Society: Global Challenges
  • BIOL-354  Synaptic Transmission
  • BIOL-358  Immunobiology
  • BIOL-359  Dynamic Processes in Biological Physics
  • BIOL-366  Marine Biology
  • BIOL-369  Cell Biology of Cancer
  • BIOL-370  Neurodisorders
  • BIOL-379  Genomics and Bioinformatics
  • BIOL-386  Ecological Analysis
  • BIOL-387  Genetic Conflict
  • BIOL-401  Senior Seminar in Biology
  • BIOL-409  Communicating Science
  • BIOL-424  Advanced Development

Spring 2015

Courses for non-majors
  • BIOL-004 G-Ecology
Courses for majors
  • BIOL-104/114  Foundations in Biology II
  • BIOL-151  Biological Chemistry *
  • BIOL-175  Developmental Cell Biology *
  • BIOL-181  Evolutionary Processes *
  • BIOL-194  Biology of Global Health
  • BIOL-195  Neurobiology
  • BIOL-230  Science Pedagogy: Principles and Practices
  • BIOL-262  Shaping National Science Policy
  • BIOL-268  Global Climate Change Ecology
  • BIOL-364  Microbiology
  • BIOL-371  Introduction to Virology and Viral Diseases
  • BIOL-376  Developmental Neurobiology
  • BIOL-379  Genomics and Bioinformatics
  • BIOL-380  Sensory Systems
  • BIOL-390  Molecular Biology
  • BIOL-502  Graduate Foundations in Cell, Molecular and Developmental Biology