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Meet the Majors

Bita Ghafouri Bita Ghafouri

Hi everyone, I am Bita Ghafouri and I am in the class of 2010. I arrived Georgetown knowing that I was interested in the sciences, and leaned toward majoring in biology because it had been the subject I enjoyed most in high school. Once on campus, The intersection between science and public policy began to sparked my interest. As soon as I learned of the Biology of Global Health program, I knew it would be a perfect fit for me. The intersection courses offered in BGH are exactly the types of classes that I find intellectually stimulating, but the major but still stressed a strong foundation in the biological sciences – a perfect academic mix for me. On campus, I work as a TA for the Intro Biology class, work in Dr. Eagles lab researching the connection between diet and seizures, and am an certified EMT-B and an active member of GERMS, Georgetown’s student run ambulance service,. After I graduate, I plan on entering a M.D./M.P.H program so I can continue my studies in public health and put into practice what I have learned in the classroom. To me, becoming a doctor is about more than simply understanding the science. It is equally as important to understand the political, economic, and social aspects that help shape medicine both nationally and globally. I know that I am well on my way to fulfilling these ideals.

Jeffrey Bien Jeffrey Bien

My name is Jeffrey Bien and I am a Biology of Global Health major in the class of 2010. My initial interest in Global Health was fueled in high school, as I did work with the Asian Liver Center at Stanford University, helping to educate people about Hepatitis B, its connection with liver cancer, and its prevalence in the Asian community. When I arrived at Georgetown, I saw the BGH major as great a way of further exploring my interest in this area, as well as a chance to examine the complex biology behind the different health phenomena that affect our world. This summer, I interned with a California nonprofit—the Global Health Research Foundation, which is dedicated to creating "sustainable, culturally appropriate improvements" to health care across the world. I have been working on a project with a team of UCSF researchers and scientists from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine as they establish a large-scale malaria study in by coordinating the implementation of a chronic health management software package. Besides my involvement in the sciences, I ride with GERMS, the on-campus EMT service, I play piano in a chamber quartet, am a member of the acapella group The Capitol G's, and am completing classes to graduate with a minor in music. I am not really sure where I want my life to go after I graduate from Georgetown, but I know the my coursework in Biology of Global Health has given me a solid foundation.

Vicki Blohm Vicki Blohm

My name is Vicki Blohm and I am a member of the Class of 2009. I originally hail from San Francisco, but for the last 3 years, the Hilltop has been my home. I have always enjoyed science- I liked that it told a tangible story that applied to my daily life – one that I could see happening all around me. Once I completed the basic sciences, I started signing up for classes like “International Health” and “Science and Society: Grand Challenges”. These courses taught me that broad applications of science intrigued me and pushed me toward becoming a BGH major, which has allowed me to take more classes in health policy.  I have really enjoyed working on projects that have modern-day relevance, such as congressional funding for malaria research. Recently, I have worked as a TA for an AP-biology class for disadvantaged DC students, spent two years on the women’s crew team, and researched Adolescent Substance Abuse at the Georgetown Health Policy Institute. As a member of the teaching thesis, I will be teaching biology students at McKinley high school in the fall. I plan on applying to Law School and eventually enter into Health Policy or a Global Health-related field – however, I have been considering deferring to become involved in something like Teach for . I am very excited about all the possibilities my major has opened, and look forward to exploring many different avenues of health, law and science in my future.

Mike Hardy Mike Hardy

I'm Mike Hardy, and I am in the class of 2010 in Georgetown College. I am originally from Alexandria, Virginia, not too far the Hilltop. I came to Georgetown with an interest in biology because I enjoyed learning material that is very applicable to everyday life. It was important that my studies affect the way you see the world, and biology certainly fills that role. I decided on majoring in Biology of Global Health because I thought it would give me a chance to broaden my horizons without losing the basic biology foundation that I think is so important. I have really enjoyed the flexibility that BGH offers in course selection. Outside of the classroom, I pursue my research with Professor Elmendorf, studying gene expression in Giardia lamblia, an intestinal parasite. I've worked with the GUROP programs and my research this summer was funded by the American Society for Microbiology. Besides my dedication to research, I am involved in Blue & Gray, the tour guide society on campus, and am a member of GUMSHOE, a science and math tutoring organization.  The current plan is to enter medical school after I graduate, but I’m keeping my options open for both clinical or researched based medicine.

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