Learn more about our Faculty, current graduate students, Post-Docs and Research Staff, and Administrative Staff! The professors that make up the department’s faculty pursue different research areas and teach a wide-range of Biology courses. Our Post-Doc and Research Staff work individually as well as jointly with our renowned faculty on various projects. The department’s current graduate students are pursuing different areas of study and have an eclectic collection of interests ranging from public health preparedness to intercellular signaling molecules on cerebral cortical development.  Lastly, our administrative staff work together to make sure all of our Biology “People” are provided all they require to succeed in their academic endeavors.  

Where can I find everyone?

The Department of Biology is located on Georgetown's Main Campus at 37th & O Streets, N.W. 


Reiss Science Building

 The Main Office is located:
 4th Floor 
 Room 406



Regents Hall

  Faculty Offices and Research Labs are located: 
  3rd, 4th, and 5th floors
 Teaching Labs and Garden, 3rd floor


Comments and Questions

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