Graduate Courses 

Courses offered by the Department of Biology are listed below, organized by courses for non-majors, courses for majors, thesis & tutorial courses for majors, and courses for graduate students. Projections for future course offerings from the Department can be found in the drop-down menu for Courses. These are working plans that may be altered as circumstances change.

Please see the site of the University Registrar for course descriptions.  Use the schedule of classes search tool to see times and locations of courses.  


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Spring 2019 Course Listings—Graduate Students


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Course Course Title
BIOL-004 G-Ecology
BIOL-101 First-Year Seminar
BIOL-104 Foundations in Biology II
BIOL-114 Foundations in Biology II- Lab
BIOL-151 Biological Chemistry
BIOL-191 Biology Gateway
BIOL-194 Biology of Global Health
BIOL-195 Neurobiology
BIOL-262 Shaping National Science Polic
BIOL-304 Research Tutorial II
BIOL-326 Animal Behavior
BIOL-340 Research Tutorial
BIOL-342 Resrch Intnsive Sr. Experience
BIOL-354 Synaptic Transmission
BIOL-363 Cell Biology
BIOL-364 Microbiology
BIOL-368 Global Climate Change Ecology
BIOL-373 Developmental Biology
BIOL-374 Genome Insblty & Human Disease
BIOL-380 Sensory Systems
BIOL-384 Epidemiology & Public Health
BIOL-390 Molecular Biology
BIOL-417 Genetic Interactions
BIOL-419 Modern Statistical Models
BIOL-425 Endocrinology
BIOL-426 Architecture &Dynamics:Nucleus
BIOL-427 Biology of Sex
BIOL-431 Intro to Programming
BIOL-437 Bacterial Pathogenesis
BIOL-514 Environ. Biology Journal Club
BIOL-515 Environ. Biology Journal Club
BIOL-516 MCB Journal Club
BIOL-562 Shaping National Science Polic
BIOL-999 Thesis Research