Undergraduate Courses


Please see the University Registrar's site for course descriptions,  click on each year below to see the schedule of classes search tool to see times and locations of courses for each year.  Note that updates to the MyAccess Course Schedules occur mid-semester, before pre-registration.  Until that time, the previous Fall or Spring semester is shown as a place-holder.  


* You can find course description on MyAccess


New One-Credit Courses 

The Department of Biology is now offering a variety of 1-credit courses that are either for skill-building (i.e. Programming for Biologists, Advanced Microscopy, etc.) or a deep dive into an important sector of biology (i.e. Infectious Disease and Conflict).  Open to both graduate students and undergraduates, these courses can complement other coursework and research efforts.  Undergraduates may bundle three such courses together for a single course that counts towards the 38 required for graduation.  We aim to offer a variety of these each semester, so look at the upcoming courses for offerings.  


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