Undergraduate Courses

Please see the University Registrar's site for course descriptions.  Use the schedule of classes search tool to see times and locations of courses.  Note that updates to the MyAccess Course Schedules occur mid-semester, before pre-registration.  Until that time, the previous Fall or Spring semester is shown as a place-holder.  

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New One-Credit Courses 

The Department of Biology is now offering a variety of 1-credit courses that are either for skill-building (i.e. Programming for Biologists, Advanced Microscopy, etc.) or a deep dive into an important sector of biology (i.e. Infectious Disease and Conflict).  Open to both graduate students and undergraduates, these courses can complement other coursework and research efforts.  Undergraduates may bundle three such courses together for a single course that counts towards the 38 required for graduation.  We aim to offer a variety of these each semester, so look at the upcoming courses for offerings.  

Fall term 2018

Undergraduate Courses


  • BIOL-013 Issues in Biology
  • BIOL-014 Ecology of Cities
  • BIOL-017 Plants, People and Climate


  • BIOL-101 First-Year Seminar in Biology
  • BIOL-103 Foundations in Biology I
  • BIOL-113 Foundations in Biology I Laboratory
  • BIOL-151 Biology Chemistry
  • BIOL-152 Genetics
  • BIOL-175 Mammalian Physiology
  • BIOL-180 Ecology
  • BIOL-185 Evolutionary Processes (note, moved to fall 2018 for the 2018-19 academic year only)
  • BIOL-203 Seminar: Inquiry into the Foundations of Biology
  • BIOL-261 Science & Society: Global Challenges
  • BIOL-265 Genetics& Disability: Arts & Media
  • BIOL-238 Global History of Plague
  • BIOL-320 Forest Ecology
  • BIOL-358 Immunobiology
  • BIOL-359 Dynamic Processes in Biological Physics
  • BIOL-365 Conservation Biology 
  • BIOL-366 Marine Biology
  • BIOL-369 Cell Biology of Cancer
  • BIOL-371 Introduction ot Virology and Viral Diseases
  • BIOL-376 Developmental Neurobiology
  • BIOL-379 Genomics and Bioinformatics
  • BIOL-387 Genetic Conflict
  • BIOL-394 Genomics, Disability & Health
  • BIOL-401 Senior Seminar in Biology
  • BIOL-414 Neurodisorders
  • BIOL-416 Advances in miRNA Research
  • BIOL-418 Experimental Design and Analysis for Biologists

TUTORIAL AND RISE (Fall) - For Majors

  • BIOL-340 Research Tutorial (for major credit)
  • BIOL-304 Research Tutorial II (for college elective credit)
  • BIOL-341 Research Intensive Senior Experience (RISE)