Fall term 2015

Sep. 4 – None
Sep. 11- Workshop 1: Publishing – How to choose a publisher for your manuscript
Sep. 18- Workshop 2: Review of the Search (Drs. Gina Wimp, Anne Rosenwald, Leslie Ries, Tom Coate, and Elena Silva)
Sep. 25- None 
Oct. 2- Workshop 3:  Active Learning and Teaching, Maaroof Fakhri, from Labster (host: Anne Rosenwald)
Oct. 9-  Workshop 4:  Photoshop, Dr. Jeff Huang
Oct. 16- Seminar Model, Dr. Joseph Neale
Oct. 23- “The function of the small GTPases Arl1 and Ypt6 in autophagy”, Shu Yang
Oct.30 - “Identifying the genomic basis of photoperiodic diapause in Aedes albopictus”, Xin Huang
Nov. 6- “Mating system and population structure of the tuliptree (Liriodendron tulipifera)”, Ricardo Gutierrez-Ozuña
Nov. 13-  ”Modeling the drivers of spatial heterogeneity in influenza disease burden”, Elizabeth Lee
Nov. 20- “Effect of modular contact networks on wildlife disease spread”, Pratha Sah
Nov. 27- Thanksgiving

Spring term 2015

Jan. 9  - Integrating Metabolism and Virulence in Staphylococcus aureus, Shaun Brinsmade (Faculty Seminar)
Jan. 16 - Graduate Student Workshop #1 – Writing in Science
Jan. 23 - Graduate Student Workshop #2 – What’s next?  Moving on from Georgetown to Post-doctoral and Faculty positions
Jan. 30 - Graduate Student Workshop #3 – Best practices in data management
Feb. 6 - Graduate Student Awards and Mentor Recognition Ceremony (will begin at 4:00 pm instead of the usual start time of 3:30 pm.)
Feb. 13 – The effects of ecological mechanisms on evolutionary processes in the Tuliptree (Liriodendron tulipifera), Ricardo Gutierrez-Ozuna (Work-in-Progress Seminar)
Feb. 20 – Giardia lamblia Infection and Malnutrition in Children: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis, Sweta Batni (Work-in-Progress Seminar)
Feb. 27 – Detecting Signals of Seasonal Flu Severity through Age Dynamics, Elizabeth Lee (Work-in-Progress Seminar)
Mar. 20 – Title TBA, Pratha Sah (Work-in-Progress Seminar)
Mar. 27 – Birth seasonality and reproductive success in bottlenose dolphins, Meg Wallen (Work-in-Progress Seminar)
Apr. 10 – Axon-Glial Interactions: Bioenergetics of White Matter, Kelly Chamberlain (Work-in-Progress Seminar)

Fall term 2014

Sept. 12 – Lessons from Animal Models, Steven Singer (Faculty seminar)
Sept. 19 – Host responses to Giardia infections.  Jenny Maloney (Work-in-Progress Seminar)
Sept. 26 – Graduate Development Workshop: Applying Science to Society: AAAS S&T Policy Fellowships, Rick Kempinski from the AAAS Science & Technology Fellowship Program, to discuss careers in government and policy
Oct. 3 – Graduate Development Workshop: Elena Silva Casey. Poster and Presentation Workshop
Oct. 10 – Cancer Immunotherapy: The End of the Beginning. Special Seminar by Jedd Wolchok, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (host: Steve Singer)
Oct. 17 – Graduate Development Workshop: Scientific Publishing from the Inside Out, Kristen Mueller, senior editor of the journal Science to discuss publishing (host: Elena Silva)
Oct. 24 – Graduate Development Workshop: Science Policy and Related Careers at the National Institutes of Health, Brian Haugen, Health Science Policy Analyst, National Institutes of Health (host: Shaun Brinsmade)
Oct. 31 – Detecting the Function of the Small GTPase Arl1 (Arf-Like) in Autophagy, Shu Yang (Work-in-Progress Seminar)
Nov. 7 – Distinct Roles for EPHA7 Splice Variants in Neuronal Maturation, Carrie Leonard (Work-in-Progress Seminar)
Nov. 14 – SIW14, A Novel IP7 Phosphatase Involved in the Stress Response from Saccharomyces Cerevisiae, Elizabeth Steidle (Work-in-Progress Seminar)
Nov. 21 – The Hydrodynamic Model of Giardia lamblia Attachment, Trey Picou (Work-in-Progress Seminar)
Dec. 5 – Transcriptome assembly strategies for non-model organisms, Xin Huang (Work-in-Progress seminar)