Grant-in-Aid Winners

  • Divya Uma. Behavioral Ecology. “ A Web of Intrigue: Factors Influencing Prey Preferences of Spider-Hunting Wasps” Mentor: Professor Martha Weiss (Biology)
  • Meridith Mikulich. Physiology/Functional Morphology. ”Pax3 and Pax7 Protein Expression and Localization in Skeletal Muscle after Injury to the Peripheral and Central Nervous System” Mentor: Professor Jon-Philippe K. Hatt (Human Science)
  • Tanuj P. Banker. Physiology/Functional Morphology. “Role of ATP (P2X5 and P2Y1) receptors in atrophying skeletal muscle following neuromuscular injury” Mentor: Professor Jon-Philippe K. Hyatt (Human Science)
  • Smilja Teodorovic. Cell Biology/Biochemistry. “Investigation of sterile ranscripts in Giardia lamblia” Mentor: Professor Heidi Elmendorf (Biology)