Graduate Research Opportunities

Faculty in the Department of Biology look for graduate students and post-doctoral researchers to work with them and openings change year-by-year depending on current staffing and funding levels. The faculty listed below have active research programs. Faculty who are interested in recruiting graduate students to start in the fall of 2022 are indicated in bold.

Please go to the faculty research page and individual websites for more information on research interests and for contact information.

Ecology, Evolution, and Behavior

Peter Armbruster: Evolutionary dynamics of range expansion, adaptation genomics, diapause

Shweta Bansal: Network modeling of disease; quantitative disease ecology; epidemiology and public/animal health problems (recruiting students for fall of 2022)

Matthew Hamilton: Population genetics and mathematical biology (recruiting students for fall of 2022)

Sarah Johnson: Geobiology, astrobiology.

Janet Mann: Behavior of dolphins; mother-calf interactions; social networks

Peter Marra: Migratory birds; conservation

Leslie Ries: Butterfly community dynamics; biogeography, climate and land-use change, ecological and biodiversity informatics (recruiting students for fall of 2022)

Martha Weiss: Evolutionary ecology; plant-animal interactions and butterfly learning, wasp learning and caterpillar behavior

Gina Wimp: Community ecology; genetic and environmental factors that structure biodiversity

Molecular and Cellular Biology

Shaun Brinsmade: Bacterial pathogenesis; nutrient sensing (recruiting students for fall of 2022)

Heidi Elmendorf: Cell biology of Giardia; genome organization and structure

Ronda Rolfes: Regulation of gene expression; inositol pyrophosphate signaling; molecular genetics of yeasts Saccharomyces cerevisiae, Candida albicans (recruiting students for fall of 2022)

Mark Rose: Cell biology in the budding yeast, Saccharomyces cerevisiae; cell and nuclear fusion, regulation of meiosis

Anne Rosenwald: Protein trafficking in Saccharomyces cerevisiae; cell wall biosynthesis in Candida glabrata; microbial genomics

Steven Singer: Host-parasite interactions, Giardia immunology


Thomas Coate: Developmental neuroscience; axon guidance; inner ear neurobiology (recruiting students for fall of 2022)

Isaac Cervantes-Sandoval: Encoding memory; mechanisms of forgetting; neurobiology

Haiyan He: Neurobiology; plasticity; inhibitory neurons

Jeffrey Huang: CNS neuron-glia interactions, myelin biogenesis, inflammation, and regeneration

Kathleen Maguire-Zeiss: Neuroinflammation; misfolded protein disorders; neuron-glia communication; neurodegenerative diseases

Elena Silva: Neurogenesis and the evolution of the CNS