Research Projects

Class of 2011

Lenny Babus studied ApoE’s role in Alzheimers Disease with Sook Hoe (Neurology, GUMC). (Mt. Sinai, NYC).

Jake Beckerman examined the physiological characteristics of megakaryocytes with Stefano Vicini (Physiology, GUMC). (Teach for America).

Jackie DesJardin examined socioemotional development and amygdala function in monkeys with Ludise Malkova (Pharmacology, GUMC). (Now performing research full time at GUMC).

Caitlin Durkee examined insect mimicry with Martha Weiss (Biology). (IRTA fellow at the NIH).

Ana Efthymiou investigated neural stem cells with Maria Donoghue (Biology).

Jeff Kubiak examined early frog development with Elena Casey (Biology). (MD/PhD at UPenn).

Kaleen Lavin examined NAAG function in neural dysfunction with Joe Neale (Biology). (Physiology graduate student).

John Madore examined NAAG function in pain with Joe Neale (Biology). (UMass).

David McCue studied seizure activity with Karen Gale (Pharmacology, GUMC). (PhD in Neuroscience).

Alex Porcu examined metabolic control of gene expression in yeast with Ronda Rolfes (Biology). (Intends to pursue DVM/PhD).

Alex Russo examined Eph signaling in neuronal maturation with Maria Donoghue (Biology). (IRTA fellow at the NIH).

Matt Spitzer studied Alzheimer disease with Sook Hoe (Neurology, GUMC). (Immunlogy PhD student at Stanford).

Brenna Stanczyk studied cholesterol metabolism in Alzheimers Disease with Bill Rebeck (Neuroscience, GUMC).

Class of 2010

Harrison Bookstein studied insect dispersion with Edd Barrows (Biology).

Shane Clark studied Giardia infection with Steve Singer (Biology). (UPitt).

Brent Dibble examined cerebral cortical development with Maria Donoghue (Biology). (NYU)

Kelly Differding examined host responses to Giardia infection with Steve Singer (Biology).

Vivienne Foroughirad examined dolphin maternal care with Janet Mann (Psychology and Biology). (Intends to apply to animal behavior graduate school)

Morgan Greenfield studied breast development with MaryBeth Martin (Lombardi Cancer Center). (Jefferson)

Naiem Issa examined computational neuroscience with Max Reisenhuber (Neuroscience, GUMC)

Catherine Jamis examined bioinformatics with Chris Elsik (Biology)

Justin Laracy examined gait recovery after spinal cord injury with Barbara Bregman (Neuroscience, GUMC)

Amber Makani studied cancerogenesis with Toretsky (Lombardi Cancer Center). (WVa)

Murad Mamedov examined hepatitis delta virus with John Casey (Microbiology and Immunology, GUMC). (PhD. Student in Immunology at Stanford)

Valentina Mocchetti examined neurulation with Elena Casey (Biology) (Columbia)

Joe Tesorio examined spines of neurons in Alzheimers disease with Bill Rebeck (Neuroscience, GUMC). (UCI)

Class of 2009

Alisa Alayan worked in the laboratory of Dr. Richard Gillis (Dept of Pharmacology). Alisa studied the role of mu-opioid receptors in the medial nucleus of the solitary tract in the modulation of gastric tone and mobility by regulation of GABA receptors. (GUMC)

Amalia Aruda worked in the laboratory of Dr. Peter Armbruster (Dept. of Biology). Amalia characterized the molecular components of the diapause response in the Asian Tiger Mosquito Aedes albopictus. (WHO/MIT)

Gretchen Edwards worked in the laboratory of Dr. Barney Graham (Vaccine Research Center, NIH). Gretchen studied the response of CD8+ cytotoxic T lymphocytes to evaluated the hierarchy of immuno-dominance observed upon infection with respiratory syncytial virus, RSV. (Vanderbilt)

George Ferzli worked in the laboratory of Dr. Elena Casey (Dept of Biology). George examined the molecular mechanism of neural induction in Xenopus laevis.

Adnan Karim worked in the laboratory of Dr. Maria Donoghue (Dept of Biology). Adnan studies the role of ephrin (Eph) ligand and receptor pathways in regulation of innervation of the murine whisker pad. (GUMC)

Justin Lee worked in the laboratory of Dr. Joseph Neale (Dept of Biology). Justin pursued the development of a completely novel pharmacotherapy for treatment of schizophrenia. (MD/PhD Columbia)

Michael Lee worked in the laboratory of Dr. Joseph Neale (Department of Biology). Michael used a novel radiochemical assay to determine the efficacy of a novel drug that inhibited the enzymes that hydrolyze/inactivate the peptide transmitter NAAG.

Kathryn Lehigh worked in the laboratory of Dr. Maria Donoghue (Dept of Biology). Katie characterized the expression patterns of the Eph receptor tyrosine kinases and their ligand in the segregation of cells in the mammalian thalamus during development. (PhD Neuroscience JHU)

Adeline Plesiu worked in the laboratory of Dr. Gerard Ahern (Dept of Pharmacology). Adeline studied the role of the calcium sensing receptor and the metabotropic glutamate receptor 1 in regulating the vanilloid 1 ion channel. (Loyola)