Tutorial Research

Students - majors and minors - who are interested in conducting research in biology for credit can enroll in BIOL-300.  BIOL-300 is a 3-cr course offered both semesters that applies as an upper division elective to all of the majors sponsored by the Department of Biology.  

  • Typically 3rd-year students enroll in BIOL-300, and many students will take this opportunity to start a RISE research project before the senior year (and some faculty required this). 
  • Further research for credit can be taken by enrolling in BIOL-304; however, these credits will not count towards the major but instead will be applied towards the total credit count as college elective.
  • Many students will continue their research by enrolling in RISE during the senior year. 
  • Some faculty will accept students doing BIOL-300 during the summer before senior year (if arranged prior to the beginning of summer).

To register

New registration policy (effective February 2014)

  • Preceding the semester that a student will be enrolled in BIOL-300, the student will reach out to a Biology faculty member (as well as an extenal mentor, if applicable) to obtain permission for registration.  The course description (found here: BIOL-300 course syllabus ) will be used to set expectations for the student (and outside mentor).  Note that the syllabus starts generalized, and then is tailored for student. This syllabus details the project plan, readings, meetings and papers.
  • Three credits will be awarded for Research Tutorial Research; the commitment should be about 12 hours per week. This syllabus is signed by the student and mentor(s).
  • Students can pre-register for BIOL-300.  This will be placed in a "needs approval" category until it is confirmed by the Biology faculty member. 
  • Students may also add BIOL-300 during the Add/Drop period using the standard Add/Drop form.