Students - majors and minors - who are interested in conducting research in biology for credit can enroll in BIOL-340.  BIOL-340 is a 3-cr course offered both semesters that applies as an upper division elective to all of the majors sponsored by the Department of Biology, but you may only take it once.  

  • Typically 3rd-year students enroll in BIOL-340 (either Fall or Spring), and many students will take this opportunity to start a RISE research project before the senior year (and some faculty require this). 
  • Further research for credit can be taken by enrolling in BIOL-304; however, these credits will not count towards the major but instead will be applied towards the total credit and course count as a college free elective.
  • Many students will continue their research by enrolling in RISE during the senior year. 
  • Some faculty will accept students doing BIOL-340 during the summer before senior year (if arranged prior to the beginning of summer).

To register

  • Preceding the semester that a student will be enrolled in BIOL-340, the student will reach out to a Biology faculty member (as well as an extenal mentor, if applicable) to obtain permission for registration.  The course description (found here: BIOL-340 course syllabus ) will be used to set expectations for the student (and outside mentor).  Note that the syllabus attached here is a general one that should be tailored for the student's project. This syllabus will detail the project plan, readings, meetings, and papers.
  • Three credits will be awarded for Research Tutorial Research; the commitment should be about 12 hours per week. This syllabus should be signed by the student and mentor(s).
  • Students can pre-register for BIOL-340.  This will be placed in a "needs approval" category until it is confirmed by the Biology faculty member. 
  • Students may also add BIOL-340 during the Add/Drop period using the standard Add/Drop form.