Ali Arab           Leslie Ries

 Ali Arab                                     Leslie Ries 

Climate Change Research Persists

Two NSF proposals that Professor Ries submitted last October were recommended for funding. These were both submitted to the Macroecology panel, which funds research at large scales to understand global drivers of ecological dynamics, primarily climate. One grant is on projecting future conditions for monarchs under different climate and land-use scenarios ($94K to GU). The other PI is Elise Zipkin at Michigan State University (total grant amount $300K). The second is looking at climate-driven phenological mismatch (lack of coordination in

seasonal timing of, for instance, plant leaf-out, caterpillar abundance, and food for birds). Professor Ries is co-PI along with Ali Arab of the Mathematics and Statistics Department ($330K to GU). Three other primary institutions are University of CT, Univ. of FL, and Univ. of NC (total grant $1.6m). Professor Ries is especially grateful to get these awards considering the political trend towards defunding climate change research.