Department of Biology

PhD Program in Biology

Our graduate program provides students of diverse backgrounds with the opportunity to intensely engage in research in the biological sciences and contribute to the broader scientific community.

Biology Program Statistics

Program Timeline

Average time to degree: 5.3 years

Alumni Careers

Percentage of graduates in post-doctoral or permanent positions: 94%

Graduate Publications

Average publications after completion of program: 3.8 per person


The Department of Biology will offer a limited number of application-fee waivers for PhD applicants applying for matriculation in the Fall of 2023.  Please contact Peter Armbruster ( or Gina Wimp ( for information on how to apply for a waiver.

PhD Program

The Department of Biology introduces graduate students to diverse fields of biological science, and provides them with expert guidance to excel in research. The department is invested in training students to become excellent scientists, researchers, science communicators, and instructors. We are a diverse and global community, committed to expanding scientific career opportunities to all.

Some of our graduates become academics, whereas others find careers in government, private industry, public policy, or elsewhere (see where recent graduates are now). The ability to communicate ideas and research results clearly and convincingly is key to success in any career.

Phd Video

Professors and current students share their perspective of Georgetown’s cutting edge biology graduate program.


Potential applicants are urged to identify and contact potential research mentors directly before applying. Please refer to the current research page and the list of faculty interested in accepting students for the fall of 2022. Not all laboratories will have open positions available for a new graduate student in a given year.

For Applicants
Graduate recruiting

Information Session for Prospective Applicants:

November 10th, 6pm EST.
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Financial Assistance

Students who are accepted into our doctoral program are guaranteed a minimum of five years of full stipend funding. Stipend rates are set in compliance with the Collective Bargaining Agreement negotiated by Georgetown University and the Georgetown Alliance of Graduate Employees (GAGE), the graduate student labor union. You can read more about what it means to do a PhD in a union-protected graduate program here. Biology graduate students are paid on 12-month contracts; visit the GAGE website for the current and future minimum stipend information. The department provides full tuition waivers for all students for the duration of the program; PhD students do not pay any tuition. Students in the PhD program are also provided free student health insurance, free dental insurance, and free use of the Yates athletic facility. Graduate student workers are guaranteed six weeks of paid parental leave and six weeks of paid medical leave from their assistantship jobs. Please read the Graduate Funding page for more information about stipends.

How to Apply

Learn about the application process and requirements

How to Apply


Find the degree requirements for the program



Find the list of required and elective courses for the degree program


Graduate Research Opportunities

Learn about the research programs that the department of Biology offers and find out which programs are recruiting graduate students.


Graduate Teaching Opportunities

Find out about the many opportunities that are offered to graduate students to develop teaching and mentoring skills.


Graduate Funding Opportunities

Learn about stipend funding and the additional funds from the GU Graduate School offered to help support graduate dissertation research or travel to meetings.


Student Quotes

Shirey Vaughn

“Studying at Georgetown has enabled me to be a lot more confident in my ability to ask questions and chart my own path in scientific research. My advisor and mentors here at Georgetown have been top quality in terms of both academic and personal support”

Vaughn Shirey, The Ries Lab

“Until you start your journey in grad school you might not know what you are missing out on. Other than the course work, grad school has been instrumental in  inculcating important life values and skills such as confidence, time management, survival, and holding personal and professional relationships in higher esteem. ”

Shahad Alqahtani, The Brinsmade Lab
zachory park

“The breadth of research that goes on in the Bio department really facilitates a broad understanding of biology from the life of single cells to the life of much larger organisms. It really is something unique that you don’t get at other more specific departments and has really helped me think outside of the box with my own work.”

Zachory Park, The Rose Lab
Sylvia Min

“My time at Georgetown has been made special because I’ve met so many wonderful people who add incredible depth to my life perspective. I’m so thankful for the opportunity to work with such talented individuals. ”

Sylvia Min, The Rolfes Lab