Inclusive Community

Justice, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Statement

The Biology Department welcomes, celebrates, and supports diversity in all forms: diversity of race and ethnicity, of religions and cultures, of world views, of gender identity/expression and sexual orientation, of socioeconomic status, of immigration status, of abilities, of lived experiences and future ambitions, and of intellectual perspectives and scientific approaches. Our vibrant differences make us stronger as scientists and as people. We recognize that being fully and authentically inclusive is not always easy and welcome the challenge to learn and to grow.

The Biology Department strives to live up to the Georgetown and Jesuit ideal of cura personalis – care of the whole person – in our classrooms and our laboratories, in the design of our curriculum and courses, in our mentoring and advising relationships, and in the large and small ways we come together as a community. Every member of our community should feel empowered to initiate conversations and take actions that promote a more inclusive and equitable environment. We do not tolerate discrimination in any form within our community and want to ensure that everyone in our community feels safe in reporting behavior, attitudes or policies that are perceived to be discriminatory.

We recognize the pervasive and pernicious nature of structural inequalities, explicit and implicit biases (racism and other discriminatory attitudes and practices) in our society. We operate with tremendous privilege in an elite research university setting, and we commit to using that privilege to actively work to create equity of access, opportunity, and experience within our department, university, and broader scientific and geographic communities.

We work together in partnership with groups from across the Georgetown community. We embrace the diversity of our home city, Washington, DC, and the myriad of opportunities it provides for students, staff, and faculty to engage at the intersection of science and social justice in the contexts of society, policy, education, law, and medicine.

Please join our Biology family and bring your whole self.

We are actively engaged in developing new ways to support our students, staff, and faculty. We are always seeking new ideas and new partners. Please reach out to share your ideas and join us in this work. Please reach out to share your ideas and join us in this work by submitting this form.