Awards from the Department of Biology

Awards are given for academic achievement and research excellence.

Graduate Student Award

This award is presented to the outstanding graduate student, selected for research, teaching and other contributions to the Department. This award is presented during the Department of Biology Annual Awards Ceremony.

Chapman Medal

This award is named in honor of the former Chair of the Department of Biology, Prof. George Chapman, who initiated the Senior Thesis and dedicated himself to research and education. This medal is awarded to the undergraduate student with the most outstanding research project in the laboratory, field or using computational approaches. Faculty nominate students who present their research work to a panel of faculty; the panel selects the recipient of the medal which is awarded during the luncheon following the RISE poster presentations.

Biology Medal

This medal is awarded to the senior who has exhibited the highest degree of industry, perseverance, leadership, maturity and promise in the field of Biology. Faculty make the selection and the medal is awarded during the Tropaia Exercises.

Taylor-Weber Memorial Scholarship

This alumni-endowed prize is for the student or students who enter the senior year with the highest academic record among majors and is named for two outstanding teachers in the Department’s history, Profs Taylor and Weber. This scholarship is presented to the student(s) during the Department of Biology Annual Awards Ceremony.