Department of Biology

Graduate Publications from the Department of Biology

Research is a key focus of the faculty and curriculum in the Department of Biology. Across a variety of different labs, disciplines, and fields, our professors publish numerous journal articles each year, which can be found below. 

Publications in 2022 and those in Press

Martinez-Cervantes J., Shah P., Phan A., Cervantes-Sandoval I. 2022. High-order unimodal olfactory sensory preconditioning in Drosophila. elife, Sep 21;11:e79107.

Pendleton A, Yeo WS, Alqahtani S, DiMaggio DA Jr, Stone CJ, Li Z, Singh VK, Montgomery CP, Bae T, Brinsmade SR. Regulation of the Sae Two-Component System by Branched-Chain Fatty Acids in Staphylococcus aureusmBio. 2022 Oct 26;13(5):e0147222.

Publications in 2021

Larsen, E. A. and Shirey, V.M. (2021) Method matters: pitfalls in analyzing phenology from occurrence records. Ecology Letters in press

Skeen, H.R., Cooper, N.W., Hackett, S.J., Bates, J.M., and Marra, P.P. (2021) Repeated sampling of individuals reveals impact of tropical and temperate habitats on microbiota of a migratory bird. Molecular Ecology in press

Bennett, R.E., Sillett, T.S., Rice, R.A., and Marra, P.P. (2021) Impact of cocoa agricultural intensification on bird diversity and community composition. Conservation Biology in press

Murphy, S.M., and Wimp, G.M. (2021) Editorial overview: Effects of global change on species interactions and biodiversity in natural and managed landscapes. Current Opinion in Insect Science 47:iii-vi.

Rippel, T.M., Tomasula, J., Murphy, S.M., and Wimp, G.M. (2021) Global change in marine coastal habitats impacts insect populations and communities. Current Opinion in Insect Science 47:1-6. doi: 10.1016/j.cois.2021.02.010.

Zylstra, E.R., Ries, L., Neupane, N., Saunders, S.P., Ramírez, M.I., Rendón-Salinas, E.,
Oberhauser, K.S., Farr, M.T., and Zipkin, E.F. (2021) Changes in climate drive recent monarch butterfly dynamics. Nature Ecology & Evolution 5(10):1441-1452.

McCann, M.S., Fernandez, H.R., Flowers, S.A., and Maguire-Zeiss, K.A. (2021) Polychlorinated biphenyls induce oxidative stress and metabolic responses in astrocytes. Neurotoxicology 86:59-68.

Strickland, K., Mann, J., Foroughirad, V., Levengood, A.L., and Frère, C.H. (2021) Maternal effects and fitness consequences of individual variation in bottlenose dolphins’ ecological niche. J Animal Ecology 90(8):1948-1960.

Kleinschmit, A.J., Ryder, E.F., Kerby, J.L., Murdoch, B., Donovan, S., Grandgenett, N.F.,
Cook, R.E., Siriwardana, C., Morgan, W., Pauley, M., Rosenwald, A., Triplett, E., Tapprich, W. (2021) Community development, implementation, and assessment of a NIBLSE bioinformatics sequence similarity learning resource. PLoS One 16(9):e0257404.

Somveille, M., Bay, R.A., Smith, T.B., Marra, P.P., and Ruegg, K.C. (2021) A general theory of avian migratory connectivity. Ecology Letters 24(9):1848-1858.

Buechley, E.R., Oppel, S., Efrat, R., Phipps, W.L., Carbonell Alanís, I., Álvarez, E., Andreotti, A., Arkumarev, V., Berger-Tal, O., Bermejo Bermejo, A., Bounas, A., Ceccolini, G., Cenerini, A., Dobrev, V., Duriez, O., García, J., García-Ripollés, C., Galán, M., Gil, A., Giraud, L., Hatzofe, O., Iglesias-Lebrija, J.J., Karyakin, I., Kobierzycki, E., Kret, E., Loercher, F., López-López, P., Miller, Y., Mueller, T., Nikolov, S.C., de la Puente, J., Sapir, N., Saravia, V., Şekercioğlu, Ç.H., Sillett, T.S., Tavares, J., Urios, V., and Marra, P.P. (2021) Differential survival throughout the full annual cycle of a migratory bird presents a life-history trade-off. J Animal Ecology 90(5):1228-1238.

DeBrock, S., Cohen, E., Balasubramanian, S., Marra, P.P., and Hamer, S.A. (2021) Characterization of the Plasmodium and Haemoproteus parasite community in temperate-tropical birds during spring migration. Int J Parasitology and Parasites in Wildlife 15:12-21.

Yamazaki, R., Osanai, Y., Kouki, T., Shinohara, Y., Huang, J.K., and Ohno, N. (2021) Macroscopic detection of demyelinated lesions in mouse PNS with neutral red dye. Science Reports 11(1):16906.

Evans, T., Krzyszczyk, E., Frère, C., and Mann, J. (2021) Lifetime stability of social traits in bottlenose dolphins. Communications Biology 4(1):759.

Rushing, C.S., Brandt Ryder, T., Valente, J.J., Scott Sillett, T., and Marra, P.P. (2021) Empirical tests of habitat selection theory reveal that conspecific density and patch quality, but not habitat amount, drive long-distance immigration in a wild bird. Ecological Letters 24(6):1167-1177.

Stanley, C.Q., Dudash, M.R., Ryder, T.B., Gregory Shriver, W., and Marra, P.P. (2021) Variable tropical moisture and food availability underlie mixed winter space-use strategies in a migratory songbird. Proc Biological Sciences 288(1955):20211220.

Colman, E., Colizza, V., Hanks, E.M., Hughes, D.P., and Bansal, S. (2021) Social fluidity mobilizes contagion in human and animal populations. Elife 10:e62177.

Akresh, M.E., King, D.I., and Marra, P.P. (2021) Hatching date influences winter habitat occupancy: Examining seasonal interactions across the full annual cycle in a migratory songbird. Ecological Evollution 11(14):9241-9253.

Valdano, E., Lee, J., Bansal, S., Rubrichi, S., and Colizza, V. (2021) Highlighting socio-economic constraints on mobility reductions during COVID-19 restrictions in France can inform effective and equitable pandemic response. J Travel Med. 28(4):taab045.

Smith, H.H., Hyde, A.S., Simkus, D.N., Libby, E., Maurer, S.E., Graham, H.V., Kempes, C.P., Sherwood Lollar, B., Chou, L., Ellington, A.D., Fricke, G.M., Girguis, P.R., Grefenstette, N.M., Pozarycki, C.I., House, C.H., and Johnson, S.S. (2021) The Grayness of the Origin of Life. Life (Basel) 11(6):498.

Hallworth, M.T., Bayne, E., McKinnon, E., Love, O., Tremblay, J.A., Drolet, B., Ibarzabal, J., Van Wilgenburg, S., and Marra, P.P. (2021) Habitat loss on the breeding grounds is a major contributor to population declines in a long-distance migratory songbird. Proc Biological Sciences 288(1949):20203164.

Zipfel, C.M., Colizza, V., and Bansal, S. (2021) The missing season: The impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on influenza. Vaccine 39(28):3645-3648.

Mushegian, A.A., Neupane, N., Batz, Z., Mogi, M., Tuno, N., Toma, T., Miyagi, I., Ries, L., and Armbruster, P.A. (2021) Ecological mechanism of climate-mediated selection in a rapidly evolving invasive species. Ecological Letters 24(4):698-707.

Zipfel, C.M., Colizza, V., and Bansal, S. (2021) Health inequities in influenza transmission and surveillance. PLoS Computational Biology 17(3):e1008642.

He, H.Y., Lin, C.Y., and Cline, H.T. (2021) In Vivo Time-Lapse Imaging and Analysis of Dendritic Structural Plasticity in Xenopus laevis Tadpoles. Cold Spring Harbors

Roselli, C., Ramaswami, M., Boto, T., and Cervantes-Sandoval, I. (2021) The Making of Long-Lasting Memories: A Fruit Fly Perspective. Frontiers in Behavioral Neuroscience 15:662129.

McCann, M.S., and Maguire-Zeiss, K.A. (2021) Environmental toxicants in the brain: A review of astrocytic metabolic dysfunction. Environ Toxicol Pharmacol 84:103608.

Boyle, J.H., Rastas, P.M.A., Huang, X., Garner, A.G., Vythilingam, I., and Armbruster, P.A. (2021) A Linkage-Based Genome Assembly for the Mosquito Aedes albopictus and Identification of Chromosomal Regions Affecting Diapause. Insects 12(2):167.

Yamazaki, R., Ohno, N., and Huang, J.K. (2021) Acute motor deficit and subsequent remyelination-associated recovery following internal capsule demyelination in mice. J Neurochemistry 156(6):917-928.

Simon, S.J., Keefover-Ring, K., Park, Y.L., Wimp, G., Grady, J., and DiFazio, S.P. (2021) Characterization of Salix nigra floral insect community and activity of three native Andrena bees. Ecology & Evolution 11(9):4688-4700.

Zipfel, C., Colizza, V., and Bansal, S. (2021) Double trouble? When a pandemic and seasonal virus collide. medRxiv [Preprint]. 2020.03.30.20047993.

Albery, G.F., Kirkpatrick, L., Firth, J.A., and Bansal, S. (2021) Unifying spatial and social network analysis in disease ecology. J Animal Ecology 90(1):45-61.

Garnier, R., Benetka, J.R., Kraemer, J., and Bansal S. (2021) Socioeconomic Disparities in Social Distancing During the COVID-19 Pandemic in the United States: Observational Study. J Med Internet Res. 23(1):e24591.

Babola, T.A., Li, S., Wang, Z., Kersbergen, C.J., Elgoyhen, A.B., Coate, T.M., and Bergles DE (2021) Purinergic Signaling Controls Spontaneous Activity in the Auditory System throughout Early Development. J Neuroscience 41(4):594-612.

Williams, A.J., Craft, K.L., Millan, M., Johnson, S.S., Knudson, C.A., Juarez Rivera, M., McAdam, A.C., Tobler, D., and Skok, J.R. (2021) Fatty Acid Preservation in Modern and Relict Hot-Spring Deposits in Iceland, with Implications for Organics Detection on Mars. Astrobiology 21(1):60-82.

Publications in 2020

Batz, Z. A., Clemento, A. J., Fitzenwanker, J., Ring, T. J., Garza, J. C., & Armbruster, P. A. (2020). Rapid adaptive evolution of the diapause program during range expansion of an invasive mosquito. Evolution 74(7):1451-1465

Baydyuk, M., Morrison, V. E., Gross, P. S., & Huang, J. K. (2020). Extrinsic Factors Driving Oligodendrocyte Lineage Cell Progression in CNS Development and Injury. Neurochemical Research, 1-13.

Belitz, M. W., Larsen, E. A., Ries, L., & Guralnick, R. P. (2020). The accuracy of phenology estimators for use with sparsely sampled presence‐only observations. Methods in Ecology and Evolution.

Bried, J., Ries, L., Smith, B., Patten, M., Abbott, J., Ball-Damerow, J., … & Dijkstra, K. D. (2020). Towards Global Volunteer Monitoring of Odonate Abundance. BioScience.

Brooks, P. M., Rose, K. P., MacRae, M. L., Rangoussis, K. M., Gurjar, M., Hertzano, R., & Coate, T. M. (2020). Pou3f4‐expressing otic mesenchyme cells promote spiral ganglion neuron survival in the postnatal mouse cochlea. Journal of Comparative Neurology.

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Cervantes-Sandoval, I., Davis, R. L., & Berry, J. A. (2020). Rac1 Impairs Forgetting-Induced Cellular Plasticity in Mushroom Body Output Neurons. Frontiers in Cellular Neuroscience14, 258.

Collins, M. M., Behera, R. K., Pallister, K. B., Evans, T. J., Burroughs, O., Flack, C., … & Nygaard, T. K. (2020). The Accessory Gene saeP of the SaeR/S Two-Component Gene Regulatory System Impacts Staphylococcus aureus Virulence During Neutrophil Interaction. Frontiers in Microbiology, 11, 561.

Fink, M. Y., D. Shapiro and S. M. Singer(2020). Giardia lamblia: Laboratory Maintenance, Lifecycle Induction, and Infection of Murine Models. Curr Protoc Microbiol. 57:e102. (Fink was a PhD student and Shapiro was an undergrad, class of 2020).

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Yamazaki, R., Ohno, N., & Huang, J. K. (2020). Acute motor deficit and subsequent remyelination‐associated recovery following internal capsule demyelination in mice. Journal of Neurochemistry.

Publication in 2019

Abarca, M., Larsen, E. A., & Ries, L. (2019). Heatwaves and novel host consumption increase overwinter mortality of an imperiled wetland butterfly. Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution7, 193.

Abarca, M. (2019). Herbivore seasonality responds to conflicting cues: Untangling the effects of host, temperature, and photoperiod. PloS One14(9), e0222227.

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Batz, Z. A., Brent, C. S., Marias, M. R., Sugijanto, J., & Armbruster, P. A. (2019). Juvenile Hormone III but not 20-hydroxyecdysone Regulates the Embryonic Diapause of Aedes albopictus. Frontiers in Physiology10, 1352.

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Publications in 2018

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Publications in 2017

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