Undergraduate Programs

Our undergraduate program offers students the knowledge and skills that will prepare them for futures in professional settings and/or serve them as citizens and caretakers of life on earth. 

A Gateway to Many Careers

A major in Biology opens the door to further critical thinking about the living world including in the medical sciences. We offer a multitude of paths that include four majors, one minor, and another curriculum to prepare you for your career.  

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Our Academic Ethos

Our programs are designed to provide the finest education in biological principles and their application. A deep interest in developing new and using the best practices of biology pedagogy (the art and science of teaching) are crucial to creating the best and brightest students.

Our Pedagogy & Learning Goals

We Promote Analytical Thinking & Synthesis

We emphasize inquiry-based coursework to promote analytical thinking and synthesis. Our curriculum is communication-intensive, giving students the opportunity to develop expertise in both written and oral forms of communication within the discipline.

Integrated Writing Requirement Quantitative Reasoning Plan

We Strive For Your Success

Our students are very successful in entering professional and graduate schools as well as careers of their choice.

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A Research Intensive Experience

We emphasize a research intensive experience both in coursework and in research laboratories; students can opt to conduct research in laboratories in our department, the medical school or elsewhere in D.C. through volunteering, research tutorials, and RISE (Research Intensive Senior Experience).

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Student Research Opportunities

Several programs exist to support student research, e.g., GU Research Opportunities Program in addition to grant-supported projects by individual faculty researchers. Several students each summer receive support from alumni donations.

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Student Life

There are many opportunities outside of the classroom to involve yourself in biology, including attending seminars and special lectures, joining the Pre-Med Society, and becoming an EMT at the Georgetown Emergency Response Medical Service GERMS.

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