Study Abroad

Georgetown University offers the opportunity for undergraduate students to study abroad all over the world. They are also given the option to travel to Villa Le Balze in Florence, Italy; the McGhee Center for Eastern Mediterranean Studies in Alanya, Turkey; or the School of Foreign Service in Doha, Qatar.

Student Stories

Study Abroad Insights

“I studied abroad at the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia. I got to take biology classes that were not widely offered (if at all) at Georgetown, such as marine bio with amazing field trips and classes on climate and energy that really challenged me to think from a new perspective. Without a doubt I can say that studying abroad in Australia was the greatest decision I have made thus far and am counting the days until I can return.”

Caitlin’s story

“I studied abroad with DIS (Danish Institute for Study Abroad) because I was able to take biology classes and get credits toward my major. DIS is a great program because it is so easy to get credit for classes back at Georgetown and because they provide a lot of support, such as housing, a food stipend, and some travel arrangements.”

Sarah’s Story

“I studied abroad through Georgetown’s McGhee Center for Eastern Mediterranean Studies. Our program started in Istanbul with a two week orientation tour in which we travelled south to Bursa, Izmir, Iznik, and other notable cities. Studying abroad was the most important decision I made at Georgetown and undoubtedly the best semester of my life.”

Alexander’s story

Interested in studying abroad? Want to find out about overseas programs?

The  Office of Global Education sends students abroad to over 40 countries during each year and during the summer while earning academic credit on their abroad program, the department offers information sessions to assist students who are interested in the program and in applying to the program prior to starting an application. The Biology department curriculum provides sufficient flexibility to allow most majors to study abroad, and we encourage students to consider this opportunity. 

Where to learn more about the overseas programs?

Open House is available to offer students with the opportunity to sit with a counselor and speak with a regional advisor and learn about study abroad. Information Sessions and Open Houses are held in Office of Global Education located at:
Car Barn Suite 210, 3520 Prospect Street, NW
Washington, DC 20057-1013

Student Experiences

Learn more about GU students’ backgrounds, trips, and experiences. Check out GU students’ study abroad experiences through their latest video!

Student backgrounds, trips, and experiences