Teaching Opportunities

Teaching opportunities give biology students and recent graduates an opportunity to have a direct impact on students’ understanding of science, from those in kindergarten all the way to undergraduates.

Teaching fellowships, some of which are listed below, give a stipend to students who are thinking of careers in education. There are also options, like Teach for America or SPIRE, for those who might have other career goals, but who are interested in teaching for a smaller amount of time.

Basis Charter Schools

For graduates who may be interested in teaching middle or high school students at an open-enrollment charter school as an option after graduation:

College students have often been driven away from the profession of teaching, many times due to teacher certification requirements and fear of school environments that do not promote academic excellence. Our approach is simple and addresses these issues; BASIS [nb-charter school system in Arizona] hires teachers based on their comprehensive knowledge of the subject that they will teach. We do not require teaching certification or formal education coursework.  To learn more about our schools and whether or not there are openings:

Teach for America

Teach for America is a program for highly motivated students who are receiving or have recently received their bachelor’s degree and want to teach for two years in the Nation’s neediest schools. All majors are represented and there is an urgent need for math and science teacher in low-income schools. TFA has partnerships with the NIH and several graduate schools to allow students to take a two-year deferment to teach or do research during their summer months. For more information:

Center for New Design in Learning and Scholarship – Apprenticeship in Teaching

The CNDLS-AT program, based out of Georgetown University, is designed to enhance the preparation of graduate students as teachers. It is an opportunity for graduate students to engage in authentic, far-reaching, typical faculty tasks with mentorship from current faculty and CNDLS professional teaching staff. For more information:

American Society for Microbiology – Undergraduate Teaching Fellowship

This fellowship is given to an undergraduate who is interested in a career as an elementary or secondary school science teacher. The award allows the student to develop a project to provide scientific instruction to children in a local school. For more information, including how to apply, visit their website:

American Society for Microbiology – Graduate and Post-Doctoral Opportunities

The ASMGAP program offers students with advanced degrees the opportunity to participate in the Kadner Institute, which focuses on preparation for diverse careers in microbiology, scientific communication, the development of professional standards, and teaching methods. There is also a Teaching Postdoctoral Fellowship available through ASMGAP. More information on both the Institute and the Fellowship can be found:

Nation Science Foundation – Graduate Teaching Fellows in K-12 Education

This fellowship is given to a graduate student in science, technology, engineering or mathematics who is interested in acquiring the skills required to teach science to K-12 grade level students. The award is given in hopes of developing the teaching and communication skill of the graduate student and strengthening the relationship between higher institutions and local school districts. More information can be found:

Seeding Postdoctoral Innovators in Research and Education Program – Postdoctoral Fellowship Program

This program is a three-year post-doctoral fellowship that allows for 2 years of research at UNC Chapel Hill and 1 year of teaching in a minority-serving institution in North Carolina. The goal of SPIRE is to invest in tomorrow’s scholars and educators by allowing them to combine research with education. For more information:

Knowles Science Teaching Foundation – Teaching Fellowships

This fellowship is given to students that have recently received a bachelor’s or advanced degree in science or mathematics and are committed to teaching high school math or science. The award will finically support students for up to 5 years from the teacher preparation program to eligibility for tenure. For more information on this program: