Graduate Research Opportunities

Faculty in the Department of Biology look for graduate students and post-doctoral researchers to work with them.  Openings change year-by-year depending on current staffing and funding levels.  The faculty listed below have active research programs that, in general, are recruiting graduate students. 

Go to the Research page for a grouping of faculty by research area with descriptions of research, or select any faculty member to learn more about his or her research interests. 

  • Peter Armbruster: Evolutionary dynamics of range expansion, adaptation genomics, diapause. (recruiting students for fall of 2022)
  • Shweta Bansal: Network modeling of disease; quantitative disease ecology; epidemiology and public/animal health problems. (recruiting students for fall of 2022)
  • Shaun Brinsmade: Bacterial pathogenesis; nutrient sensing. (recruiting students for fall of 2022)
  • Thomas Coate: Developmental neuroscience; axon guidance; inner ear neurobiology. (recruiting students for fall of 2022)
  • Isaac Cervantes-Sandoval: Encoding memory; mechanisms of forgetting; neurobiology.
  • Heidi Elmendorf: Cell biology of Giardia; genome organization and structure.
  • Matthew Hamilton: Population genetics and mathematical biology. (recruiting students for fall of 2022)
  • Haiyan He: Neurobiology; plasticity; inhibitory neurons. (recruiting students for fall of 2022)
  • Jeff Huang: CNS neuron-glia interactions, myelin biogenesis, inflammation, and regeneration.
  • Sarah Johnson: Geobiology, astrobiology.
  • Kathleen Maguire-Zeiss: Neuroinflammation; misfolded protein disorders; neuron-glia communication; neurodegenerative diseases
  • Janet Mann: Behavior of dolphins; mother-calf interactions; social networks.
  • Pete Marra: Migratory birds; conservation
  • Leslie Ries: Butterfly community dynamics; biogeography, climate and land-use change, ecological and biodiversity informatics. (recruiting students for fall of 2022)
  • Ronda Rolfes: Regulation of gene expression; inositol pyrophosphate signaling; molecular genetics of yeasts Saccharomyces cerevisiae, Candida albicans(recruiting students for fall of 2022)
  • Mark Rose: Cell biology in the budding yeast, Saccharomyces cerevisiae; cell and nuclear fusion, regulation of meiosis. 
  • Anne Rosenwald: Protein trafficking in Saccharomyces cerevisiae; cell wall biosynthesis in Candida glabrata; microbial genomics.
  • Elena Silva: Neurogenesis and the evolution of the CNS. (recruiting students for fall of 2022)
  • Steve Singer: Host-parasite interactions, Giardia immunology.
  • Martha Weiss: Evolutionary ecology; plant-animal interactions and butterfly learning, wasp learning and caterpillar behavior.
  • Gina Wimp: Community ecology; genetic and environmental factors that structure biodiversity.