Peter Armbruster Peter Armbruster

Position: Associate Professor, Director of Graduate Studies
Interests: Evolutionary dynamics of range expansion; Diapause

 Shweta Bansal

Position:  Assistant Professor
Email: sb753@georgetown.edu
Interests: Network modeling of disease; quantitative disease ecology; epidemiology and public/animal health problems.

Edd Barrows Edward M. Barrows

Position:  Professor, Director of the Center for the Environment
Email: barrowse@georgetown.edu
Interests: Insect ecology, invasive species

Shaun BrinsmadeShaun Brinsmade

Position:  Assistant Professor
Email: sb1344@georgetown.edu
Interests: Bacterial pathogenesis; nutrient sensing

Elena Casey, see Elena Silva
Thomas CoateThomas Coate

Position:  Assistant Professor
Email: Thomas.Coate@georgetown.edu
Interests: developmental neuroscience; axon guidance; inner ear neurobiology

 Maria V. Donoghue

Position:  Associate Professor, Co-director of Neurobiology Major
Email: mjv23@georgetown.edu
Interests: Neurobiology; Cortical development; Ephrins and Eph-receptors

Heidi Elmendorf 2 Heidi G. Elmendorf

Position:  Associate Professor, Co-director of Undergraduate Studies, Co-director of the BGH Major
Email: hge@georgetown.edu
Interests: Cell biology of Giardia; Genome organization and structure

Jennifer Fox Jennifer Fox

Position: Laboratory Assistant Professor
Email: jaf243@georgetown.edu
Interests: Life history evolution, ecological genetics

Erica Gerace

Position:Laboratory Assistant Professor
Email: eg682@georgetown.edu

Interests: Epigenetics


Matthew Hamilton Matthew B. Hamilton

Position:  Associate Professor, Co-director Environmental Biology Major
Email: hamiltm1@georgetown.edu
Interests: Population genetics and mathematical biology

Michael Hickey Michael Hickey

Position: Laboratory Assistant Professor
Email: hickeyma@georgetown.edu
Interests: Immunology; Undergraduate education

Jeffrey Huang Jeffrey Huang

Position:  Assistant Professor
Email: jh1659@georgetown.edu
Interests: Glial cells; Glial-neuron interactions

Janet Mann Janet Mann

Position:  Professor, Vice Provost for Research
Email: mannj2@georgetown.edu
Interests: Behavior of Dolphins, Mother-calf interactions, Social Networks

Joseph H Neale Joseph H. Neale

Position:  Paduano Distinguished Professor, Co-Director Major in Neurobiology
Email: nealej@georgetown.edu
Interests:  NAAG neuropeptide, pain reception

Manus Patten 2 Manus Patten

Position:  Laboratory Assistant Professor
Email: mmp64@georgetown.edu
Interests: Evolutionary genetics

Ronda J Rolfes Ronda J. Rolfes

Position:  Associate Professor
Email: rolfesr@georgetown.edu
Interests: Regulation of gene expression; Genetics of yeasts Saccharomyces cerevisiae, Candida ablicans

Anne G Rosenwald Anne G. Rosenwald

Position:  Associate Professor, Co-director of BGH Major
Email: rosenwaa@georgetown.edu
Interests: Protein trafficking in Saccharomyces cerevisiae; cell wall biosynthesis in Candida glabrata; microbial genomics

Elena Casey Elena Silva

Position:  Associate Professor
Email: emc26@georgetown.edu
Interests: Nervous system development

Steven Singer Steven Singer

Position:  Chair, Professor
Email: sms3@georgetown.edu
Interests: Host-parasite interactions, Giardia immunology


Martha R WeissMartha R. Weiss

Position: Associate Professor, Co-director of Undergraduate Studies, Co-director of Environmental Biology Major
Email: weissm@georgetown.edu
Interests:  Evolutionary ecology; plant-animal interactions and butterfly learning, wasp learning and caterpillar behavior.

Gina M WimpGina M. Wimp

Position:  Associate Professor
Email: gmw22@georgetown.edu
Interests:  Community ecology; Genetic and environmental factors that structure biodiversity.