How to Declare a Major in the Biology Department

All second-year Biology majors must declare one of the four majors in the department. Second-year students who are undeclared or are considering changing majors may also declare and are not at a disadvantage. Interested transfer students or third-year students can apply at the same time as the second-year students, but pay close attention to point 2 below to make sure that the program can be completed.

The Call for Applications will be issued in September with the Application Deadline occurring in early October. The decisions will be announced before registration for spring courses. All second- and third-year Biology students will receive emails from the Director of Undergraduate Students and Studies with directions, but also pay attention to flyers posted in Regents and Reiss with important dates. 

A Google form will be available to declare your major; this link will become available in September each year.  Information to be provided includes:

  1. An essay of not more than 250 words explaining your rationale for this declaration, including a description of experiences (academic, professional, or personal) that have influenced your decision to pursue that major within the Biology Department. Please also provide insight into future career aspirations and explain how your chosen major will serve them.
  2. A sample four-year plan of your education, including courses relevant to your major -both core and elective requirements- and other programs (i.e., premed) or minors (i.e., theology) that you are contemplating. Use the color-coded four-year plan provided for each major as a template. This plan should include all four years of study, including classes you have already taken as well as advanced credit from AP or IB studies. 

You may check this plan with your Dean prior to submission, although this is not necessary. You can also send questions to the Directors of the appropriate majors:

Declare Your Major!

Fill out the Google form using the instructions provided to declare your major. This is due by Mid-October. You will be notified before registration for Spring Semester.