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Dr. Peter Marra is working to Care for Our Common Home!

Georgetown University cherishes several key values that capture our commitment to doing good, both for others and for the environment. As we celebrate Earth Day this week, our value of “Care for Our Common Home” feels more relevant than ever. There is no greater call to action than protecting the Earth, and our very own Dr. Peter Marra has spent the past few weeks discussing sustainability, conservation, and environmental protection.
As the Laudato Si’ Professor in Biology and the Environment and the founder of the newly-established Earth Commons, Dr. Marra embodies these core values in his research and teaching. He was recently featured in the “Spirit of Georgetown” series, where he discussed his efforts to protect bird species and create programs at Georgetown designed to empower the next generation of sustainability. Having been interested in conservation from a young age, Dr. Marra’s love for birds is personal. He believes that birds are a great example of sustainable living in complex ecosystems, and researches the impacts of climate change upon bird species in his lab. Read the feature and watch the video here: (new window)
To cap off Earth Day, Dr. Marra and the Earth Commons erected art installations across campus featuring the work of Alisa Singer. Both beautiful and alarming, the pieces are actually presentations of graphic climate science data, calling all of us to Care for Our Common Home. Dr. Marra believes that initiatives like the ECo ArtWalk are key to the Earth Commons’ goals of increasing public support for conservation. To learn more about the ArtWalk, read here: (new window)