Congratulations to Kaitlyn Choi on winning the John Doctor Education Prize

Dr. Kaitlyn Choi

Congratulations to Kaitlyn Choi on winning the Society for Developmental Biology 2016 John Doctor Education Prize!

The John Doctor Education Award is an education video competition that challenges its contestants to “produce engaging videos that teach difficult-to-explain developmental biology topics.” The selection committee looks to award the $1,000 prize to individuals whose videos have broad appeal and demonstrate active learning exercises and hands-on activities.

Dr. Choi  joined our faculty as an Assistant Teaching Professor this fall. Her video, My Fate is in Your Hands: Inductive Signals for Cell Fate Determination explains cell fate determination and how the 200+ different types of cells in the human body originate from a single-cell embryo. She explains the process of induction, how one cell signals its surrounding cells to differentiate and the Spemann-Mangold Organizer Experiment that was fundamental in understanding the process.

To learn more about induction, watch Dr. Choi’s video here and read her summary.