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A Dive into the thought process, mating habits, and identification patterns of Marine Animals

Professor Mann has been on a role with new research publications along with her invigorative book Deep Thinkers: Inside the minds of whales, dolphins, and porpoises. While each focusing a different topic, all of her publications are centered around further understanding the lives of our distant ancestors before moving on terrestrial land.

            The book published by the Chicago Press includes several chapters that Mann contributed too. Chapter 1 takes a look at the developing relationship between humans and marine life by means of research, monitoring, and captivity. Long-term whale studies and investigation in the social lives of cetaceans are described throughout Chapter 5. Finally, Mann’s contribution to Chapter 7 focuses on the tools that cetaceans use for attraction, display, and foraging purposes.  The minds of these marine species can give great insight into a marine life that humans are so far from fully understanding.   

            Each of the research articles has a slightly different approach to understanding the life below the water. However, one thing is for sure. Professor Mann is making significant and undeniable strides into bringing our species closer in a relationship with marine species. Who knew that bottlenose dolphins associate in a bisexually philopatric society? Or that marine species undergo long-term social avoidance? The research by professor Mann and her collaborators not only is interesting and informative, but it provides concrete results that can be used to help the marine species.