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Awards, Awards, Awards!

Georgetown Biology is home to unique and exceptional biologists! Here are some of the amazing awards that members of the department received this spring.

Congratulations to Jewel Tomasula, a graduate student in the Wimp Lab, on receiving the Ecological Society of America’s Graduate Student Policy Award! The award will fund policy and communication training so that Jewel can effectively educate lawmakers on environmental issues.

Furthermore, we are so happy to announce that Grace Jeschke received GradGovt funding to support her research this summer! To better understand the physiological consequences of climate extremes, she will be measuring larval immune response to heat stress survival in silver-spotted skipper butterflies! 

Finally, Professor Sarah Johnson won the 2021 Whiting Award for Nonfiction for her book The Sirens of Mars: Searching for Life on Another World! The Selection Committee writes: “Full of joy and existential curiosity, the book’s images and metaphors take up residence in our minds and burn there, connecting scientific inquiry with deep questions about human existence. In every line Johnson makes us feel the passion for discovery and the desire to connect.” A glowing and well-deserved review! Congratulations, Prof. Johnson!

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