janet Mann
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Dr. Janet Mann bestowed the rank of University Professor!

The Department would like to extend its profound congratulations to Dr. Janet Mann, one of our incredible professors who was recently given the distinction of University Professor! As Georgetown’s highest professional honor, the rank is bestowed rarely by President DeGioia to recognize the academic excellence, service, and teaching of a professor who is at the vanguard of university faculty in their field and around the world. GU Biology can think of no one more worthy of such a distinction than Dr. Mann, a highly regarded Professor of Biology and Psychology who studies social learning and networks in bottlenose dolphins. She has published more than 130 papers, written award-winning books, and gained world-renowned expertise in social behavior. As a principal investigator, Dr. Mann has mentored countless award-winning graduate and undergraduate researchers in her lab, bringing several students with her to carry out field research in Shark Bay, Australia. As a teaching professor, Dr. Mann has shown a profound commitment to undergraduate education, receiving awards in recognition of her mentorship. In short, Dr. Mann has led and continues to lead an amazing career that extends into every area of our department, and this profound recognition is incredibly well deserved. Dr. Mann is the first female member of STEM faculty to receive this honor. Congratulations to Dr. Janet Mann!