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Dr. Lauren Yap Earns Top Honors at GUMC Graduation

(Photo by Charles Siwinski)

Former Neurobiology major Lauren Yap, now Dr. Yap, graduated from Georgetown University School of Medicine (GUMC) this past May with a double dose of prestigious recognition.

Dr. Yap’s accomplishments culminated in receiving two major awards:

  • The Kober Award: This highly distinguished award recognizes academic excellence and is bestowed upon the graduating medical student with the highest overall academic record and performance. Established by George M. Kober, MD (Dean of the School of Medicine from 1901 to 1928), the Kober Award signifies Dr. Yap’s exceptional academic achievements throughout her medical school journey.
  • The Milton Corn, MD Award: Awarded to the student who demonstrates the highest academic performance at the end of three complete years, this recognition further highlights Dr. Yap’s dedication and consistent excellence.

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