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Dr. Mark Rose featured on Provost Groves’ Faculty in Research Podcast!

Provost Groves begins by introducing Dr. Rose and his work, including his long career researching cell biology in the model organism S. cerevisiae and his past work at Princeton. Then, Dr. Rose describes his development, growing up in the 60s amidst dramatic social change and having to determine what he wanted to do with his life. Facing an incredible amount of societal and personal uncertainty, he found refuge in the certainty of experimental data from his classes in high school and realized that he wanted to become a biologist. Next, Provost Groves challenges Dr. Rose to analyze the evolution of cell biology, leading him to discuss the recombinant DNA revolution in the 1980s. Dr. Rose also makes a point of discussing his fundamental motivations for research and the benefits of studying model organisms to understand the cell cycle in humans. Finally, Provost Groves and Dr. Rose discuss developing research questions, reading scientific literature, and approaching teaching as a biologist.