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Fighting for the Future

Each year Bermuda has the honor of enjoying one Rhodes Scholarship. This year, Bermuda native Deirdre Collins was named the recipient of the esteemed award and will be beginning her studies to pursue a Masters in Philosophy in environmental change and management. Since a young age, Deirdre was inspired to study the environment and has dedicated herself to a career in fighting climate change.  Before graduating with a Biology major and French Minor from Georgetown College in 2017, Deirdre was involved with the student newspaper and several different community service projects. By taking her interests above and beyond the classroom, she qualified herself as an excellent candidate to be the Rhodes Scholar. An essential feature of the scholarship is living a holistic life with interests that extend beyond textbooks and classroom lectures. Without a doubt, Deirdre fit the criteria.

      The world is currently amidst a fight against climate change and global warming. Growing up in Bermuda, Deirdre is all too familiar with the increase in storm surge, sea level rise, and the rising temperature in the ocean and air. Her textbook studies unfolded around her.

      For her interest in ecology and success in many aspects of life, Deirdre received the Rhodes Scholar and will continue to pursue her passions as she helps to fight back against the human activity that is putting our environment in danger.

The Georgetown University Biology Department is honored to have worked with Deirdre and wishes her the best of luck in developing her studies and her career.