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Georgetown Bio doctoral alumna Dr. Niteace Whittington becomes a health science policy analyst!

Dr. Niteace Whittington, a Georgetown Bio Ph.D. graduate, has now shifted her focus from researching neural development to science policy! After graduating from Temple University with a BS in Biology, Dr. Whittington began her Ph.D. at Georgetown, studying the role of Sox21 in neuronal development in the lab of Dr. Elena Casey. Next, she joined the NIH as a post-doctoral fellow, working with Dr. Susan Wray to continue her studies of Sox proteins, this time in GnRH cells and olfactory neurons. Having developed an impressive resume of research experience and published works by 2019, Dr. Whittington then decided that her skill in scientific communication was invaluable for policymakers. She attended a workshop in science policy at the NIH that furthered her motivation to begin a career in science policy communication, spurring her to apply for the AAAS Science and Technology Policy Fellowship. Now, Dr. Whittington is a health science policy analyst at the NICHD. 

In this role, Dr. Whittington generates reports and data requests on research developments in the NICHD for several research institutes and federal organizations in the DC area, allowing important policymakers to better understand the impact of cutting-edge research on technology, health, and other key issues. In this capacity, she translates the complex jargon and presentation of essential scientific research into an accessible form. Her past experiences in writing papers, presenting data, mentoring students, teaching, and managing projects have all contributed to her success in this work. All in all, Dr. Whittington is a prime example of an excellent researcher and communicator, and the Department is so excited to see her succeed in science policy. Read more about Dr. Whittington’s work here: