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Jennifer Fox Receives an Award!

Jennifer Fox Received Dean’s Award For Excellence In Teaching

“Professor Jennifer Fox specializes in evolutionary history and ecology. She teaches multiple sections of Foundations of Biology II each year, along with seminar courses on ecology and the biology of sex. Colleagues and students note Fox’s ability to make even massive lectures feel engaging, dynamic, and accessible to non-majors, through discussion groups, service projects and an increased focus on writing in the curriculum.” Curran, Patrick (2018, Jan. 26)

            Congratulations to Professor Jennifer Fox, who received a Dean’s Award at this year’s faculty convocation. The award is distributed to those who have exhibited excellence in the field of teaching. In the words of Biology Chair, Mark Rose, Jennifer Fox is more than a “good teacher that takes risks…She’s a great teacher”.

Winners of the Dean’s Excellence in Teaching Awards (At the far left Professor Jennifer Fox from the Department of Biology)