Maryna BaydyukMaryna Baydyuk 
Assistant Research ProfessorHuang laboratory

Interests: neurodevelopment, synaptic transmission, neurotrophic factors.

Jack BoyleJack Boyle
Post-Doctoral Fellow, Armbruster laboratory

Interests: Animal behavior, insect-plant interactions.

Nathan CooperNathan W. Cooper
Research Associate, Marra laboratory
Interests: Conservation biology, behavioral ecology, migration, endangered species.

DoreenDoreen Cunningham
Research Assistant Professor, Silva laboratory

Interests: Neural development in Xenopus laevis.

AndraAndra Doherty 
Research Associate, Ries laboratory

Interests: Ethology


Brian EvansBrian S. Evans
Affiliate Researcher, Marra laboratory
Interests: Quantitative ecology, landscape ecology, data science, urban ecology.

Vivienne ForoughiradVivienne Foroughirad 
Post-Doctoral Fellow, Mann laboratory 

Interests: "behavioral ecology, genetics, social network analysis."

Jens FritzenwankerJens Fritzenwanker 
Assistant Research Professor, Silva laboratory 

Interests: "My work is centered around the question of how body plans evolve. I focus on axial patterning and neurodevelopment and the overlap thereof."

Romain GarnierRomain Garnier
Post-Doctoral Fellow, Bansal laboratory

Interests: Disease Ecology, Epidemiology, Infectious Diseases Dynamics and Modeling, Public Health.

Mansa GurjarMansa Gurjar
Post-Doctoral Fellow, Coate laboratory

Interests: Cochlear development.

Elise LarsonElise Larsen
Post-Doctoral Fellow, Ries laboratory

Interests: Ecology, population dynamics, phenology, disturbance, community ecology, conservation.

Erqiu LiErqiu Li
Associate Research Professor, Huang laboratory

Interests: Immunology of parasites.


Mi-Hye LeeMi-Hye Lee 
Assistant Research Professor, Huang laboratory

Interests: transgenic mouse model, tumor biology.

Maeva MillerMaëva Millan
Post-Doctoral Fellow, Johnson laboratory

Interests: pyrolysis, wet chemistry, GCMS, interaction organics/minerals, research and preservation of organic molecules and biomarkers in martian analogs.

Naresh Naresh Neupane
Assistant Research Professor, Ries Laboratory

Interests: TBA

Amy  Amy L. Scarpignato
Research Affiliate, Marra Laboratory
Interests: Migration, migratory connectivity, ornithology, GIS, spatial ecology, animal tracking.

Calandra Stanley  Calandra Stanley
Research Affiliate, Marra Laboratory 

Interests: Migration ecology, animal behavior, conservation, tracking.

Maryna BaydyukReiji Yamazaki
Post-Doctoral FellowHuang laboratory

Interests: The molecular mechanisms of myelination and remyelination.


Mariana Zama Mariana Abarca Zama
Assistant Research Professor, Ries laboratory

Interests: Plant-insect interactions, phenology, and climate change ecology.

Lucila Alvarez Zuzek Lucila Alvarez Zuzek
Post-Doctoral Fellow, Bansal laboratory

Interests: Networks Science, Nonlinear Dynamics, Epidemiology and Infectious Disease Dynamics.