Trey Picou and Sweta Batni receive Sigma Xi grants

                                   Trey Piccou                   Sweet Batni

                                            Trey Piccou                                            Sweta Batni          

Graduate students Trey Picou and Sweta Batni each received Grants-in-Aid-of-Research awards from Sigma Xi for $1000. 

Sigma Xi, The Scientific Research Society has awarded $117,066 to 184 undergraduate and graduate students for their research. A portion of the grants were supported by funds from the National Academy of Sciences.

Trey’s project is to understanding the role of ventral flagella beat frequencies in Giardia lamblia’s hydrodynamic attachment mechanism.  Sweta’s project is to use Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR) to Identify Potential Novel Chemotherapeutics Targeting Methyltransferase Enzymes in Giardia lamblia.  Both students are pursuing their Ph.D. degrees under the direction of Prof. Heidi Elmendorf. 

Congratulations to Sweta and Trey!