Breaking news: Naresh Neupane from the Ries Lab Awarded with a new NSF Grant for his work on Modeling Insect Migration!

This Fall, Naresh, an Assistant Research Professor in the Ries Lab, became the recipient of a new grant from the National Science Foundation, entitled MSA: Modeling and forecasting continental-scale insect migration under changed atmospheric Hadley circulation. As the Principal Investigator for the proposed research, Naresh will study the impact of Hadley cell winds on the migration of Monarch butterflies from Mexico into the United States. Since migration causes the movement of biomass and nutrients spatially across ecosystems, understanding the role of the Hadley circulation upon butterfly migration is crucial to our understanding of the effects of climate change on these ecosystems. Congratulations Naresh, and good luck with your research! For more information on Naresh’s research and the grant, Click here!