Statement on Racism and Recent Violence

Dear Students,

I speak on behalf of myself and the faculty of the Department of Biology.

We are deeply saddened by recent and past events in which Black Americans have been subject to violence at the hands of police and self-styled vigilantes.   These events, and the obvious effects of systemic health disparities related to COVID-19, underscore how hard it is to be a person of color in the United States.   

Know that we value all members of community,  but most importantly, in this time of crisis, we stand by Black students at Georgetown, who are most affected by the current events.  Know that we hear you, we see you, we value you.  

We remain committed to improving our Department, and Georgetown University, to make it a more diverse and welcoming community for all, one that acknowledges and addresses all forms of racial injustice and inequity. 

Please stay safe!

Mark Rose, Paduano Distinguished Professor and Chair