In addition to the required core courses - Students have the option to pursue a program of study within the major leading to a concentration in either of two areas:

  • Biochemistry, Molecular and Cellular Biology
  • Ecology, Evolution and Behavioral Biology

Courses. A concentration requires course work in a given area.

For coursework, completion of 6 courses from the lists below is necessary. Note that not all of these courses will be offered every year. Three credits from RISE in an appropriate area can be counted toward a concentration.

Each concentration should be devised by careful consultation with a faculty advisor. The area of concentration will appear on the student's transcript.

To obtain notation of the concentration, students must (1) fill-out the Academic Program Change form, obtained from the Dean's Office or their website, (2) list the courses taken that satisfy the concentration on the form, (3) have the Director of the Biology major, the Director of Undergraduate Studies sign it, and (4) return the form to the Dean's Office. Students may declare a concentration as late as the spring of their senior year.

Courses in Biochemistry, Molecular and Cellular Biology

BIOL-151 Biological Chemistry 
BIOL-152 Genetics
BIOL-170 Developmental Cell Biology
BIOL-195 Neurobiology
BIOL-354 Synaptic Transmission
BIOL-358 Immunobiology
BIOL-359 Dynamic Processes in Biological Physics
BIOL-363 Cell Biology
BIOL-364 Microbiology
BIOL-369 Cell Biology of Cancer
BIOL-371 Virology
BIOL-372 Introduction to Parasitology
BIOL-373 Developmental Biology
BIOL-374 Genome Instability and Human Disease 
BIOL-376 Developmental Neurobiology
BIOL-377/425 Endocrinology 
BIOL-379 Genomics and Bioinformatics
BIOL-388 Biology Microbial Genomics
BIOL-390 Molecular Biology
BIOL-391 Structures Behind Signaling
BIOL-402 Advanced Cell Biology
BIOL-404 Advanced Biochemistry
BIOL-424 Advanced Developmental Biology
BIOL-426 Architecture and Dynamics of the Nucleus
BIOL-480 Advanced Molecular Biology
BIOL-482 Topics in Cell Regulation
BIOL-484 Topics in Signal Transduction
BIOL-486 Topics in Immunology
BIOL-488 Topics in Vertebrate Development

Courses in Ecology, Evolution and Behavioral Biology

BIOL-152 Genetics
BIOL-180 Ecology
BIOL-185 Evolutionary Processes
BIOL-217 Marine Mammal Behavior Ecology
BIOL-255/320 Forest Ecology
BIOL-226/326 Animal Behavior
BIOL-268/368 Global Climate Change Ecology
BIOL-353 Plants and Society
BIOL-359 Dynamic Processes in Biological Physics
BIOL-360 Molecular Evolution
BIOL-364 Microbiology
BIOL-365 Conservation Biology
BIOL-366 Marine Biology
BIOL-367/413 Population Genetics
BIOL-375 Plant-Animal Interactions
BIOL-379 Genomics and Bioinformatics
BIOL-386/418 Experimental Design and Analysis for Biology
BIOL-387/420 Genetic Conflict
BIOL-395/427 Biology of Sex
BIOL-422 Modeling Biological Populations
BIOL-428 Advanced Ecological Analysis