Pre-Med Curriculum

Students can major in any of the three majors offered by the Department of Biology and can also pursue a pre-medical curriculum.

Students should pay particular attention to fulfilling both the degree requirements and the recommendations of Medical Schools. These requirements are described more fully at the Pre-Med link.  The pre-med curriculum consists of

  • one-year of Biology
  • one-year of General Chemistry (CHEM-001/009 and -002/010)
  • one-year of Organic Chemistry (CHEM-115 through -118)
  • one-year of Mathematics (MATH-035 and MATH-036 or -041)
  • one-year of Physics (PHYS-041 or -101, -042 or -102)
  • Please note that these requirements are changing and many medical schools are now also looking for applicants to have also taken: Biochemistry, Psychology, and writing. 

There is considerable overlap between these requirements and all of the majors offered through the Department of Biology