• The first meeting is scheduled for the first week of classes in September. Expectations and support will be outlined. Times will be determined for regular individual appointments.
  • An abstract summarizing your research objectives is due on the RISE Canvas site (date to be announced on the Department Calendar, usually mid-September). Both your outside research mentor and your departmental mentor must approve this abstract prior to submission. It is your responsibility to make sure you have access to this site on Canvas; consult your biology mentor if you need help. 
  • Continue working on your research and meet regularly with your mentor(s).
  • You will give a short (10 minute) presentation on your research to a panel of faculty and students. This oral presentation (powerpoint or other) will provide the relevant background and experimental question or hypothesis, materials and methods, results and interpretations thus far obtained, and an outline of the plan for the spring semester.
  • Set up new appointment times for spring term.
  • Continue working on research and meet with your mentor(s) regularly.
  • Write a final abstract describing your research. After discussing it with your mentor(s), turn it in to the Canvas site on or about April 1 (data to be announced on the Department Calendar). This abstract will go into a booklet describing the research of the senior class and you will receive a copy of the booklet at the luncheon following the presentations.
  • During the first two weeks of April, prepare a poster presentation for the Research Symposium.
  • A Research Poster Symposium will be held during finals (please check the Departmental Calendar found in “Upcoming Events” from the home page for the final date). Awarding of the Chapman Medal for Outstanding Undergraduate Research occurs during this event. Your friends and family are welcome to attend.
  • On the last day of classes, the completed, corrected final copy of the manuscript is due in your advisor’s office, no later than 5:00 P.M.
  • Commencement!!