The Biology Department is delighted to welcome two new members to our faculty for the coming semester: Dr. Mun Chun Chan and Dr. Kaitlyn Choi. Each professor brings new expertise and insight to the department. Here is a sampler of what they have to offer:

Mun Chun Chan:

Mun Chun Chan graduated from the Sackler School of Biomedical Sciences in 2007 with a Ph.D. in Biochemistry. He went on to conduct research at Tufts Medical Center, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, and Massachusetts General Hospital. His work was mostly focused on diseases of the cardiovascular and skeletomuscular systems. He has taught at various institutions and is primarily interested in effective general education in the STEM fields, and process-driven scientific education. Professor Chan will be teaching Biochemistry and Foundations of Biology I in the fall semester. He has just moved to DC and is excited about the motorcades.


Kaitlyn Choi:

Kaitlyn Choi received a bachelor’s degree in biology from Bard College and joined Susan Mango’s lab at Harvard University for her PhD study. She investigated how small RNA silencing is modulated by cross-generational signaling in C. elegans and earned a PhD in developmental and regenerative biology from Harvard in 2014. Having found her passion in science education during her PhD training, she became a preceptor (undergraduate teaching faculty) in the Department of Stem Cell and Regenerative Biology at Harvard, where she provided instructional supports and also designed laboratory activities and pedagogical strategies. She received several certificates of distinction in teaching from Harvard and was selected as a winner of the John Doctor Education Prize in 2016. At Georgetown, she desires to continue her efforts in making biology classes as interactive, engaging and fun as possible. As a new resident in the DC area, she also looks forward to meeting new people while playing music together in a community orchestra–she plays the viola–as well as playing tennis.