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About The Department of Biology

Our renowned faculty has diverse research interests, including molecular, developmental, cell, ecological and evolutionary biology. Interdisciplinary by nature, we are housed amongst members of the Chemistry and Physics department in Regents Hall, a beautiful, state of the art science facility that opened in 2012.

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About the Chair of The Department of Biology

Dr. Mark Rose joined Georgetown University from Princeton University to become the Paduano Distinguished Professor of Biology in January 2017.  In November, 2017 he stepped up to become the Chair of Biology. In 2020 Dr. Mark Rose was re-elected as the chair by the faculty of the department of Biology.

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The Washington, D.C., Area, Ecosystem 2021 by Professor Edward Barrows

Prof. Edward Barrows

Professor Edward Barrows has published a Kindle book called The Washington, D.C., Area, Ecosystem 2021.  He is currently using the book as a text for his course G-Ecology.  

His book primarily regards the natural history of Washington, D.C., and its surrounding four counties and nearby cities and towns; emphasizing the Chesapeake & Ohio Canal National Historical Park, Georgetown, Georgetown University, and Glover Archbold Park within the Capital.  Topics include biodiversity, conservation, climate change, endangered species, forests, gardens, geology, global change, history, meteorology, pollution, rivers and streams, scientific studies, and sustainability.  The book is a fusion one — a memoir, reference, and textbook.  Ninety-five original photographs illustrate many of the book’s topics, and seven original poems add humor and learning opportunities.  Many people including many college students improved the book with their feedback.  Professor Barrows has dedicated this book version to the great, local 17-year Cicada emergence of 2021.  

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