Seminar Series 2023/2024

The Department invites scholars in Biology to present their research on most Thursdays throughout the academic year. The seminars are followed by a Q&A session.

Join us Thursdays 12:30-1:45 PM, at Regents 239.

Fall 2023

Rebekah Evans - Assistant Professor, Department of Neuroscience , Georgetown University

August 31, 2023

Rebekah Evans, Georgetown University
Assistant Professor
Department of Neuroscience

Talk Title: “Midbrain circuity connecting exercise to motor learning.”
Host: Haiyan He

Thompson, Karl

September 7, 2023

Karl Thompson, Howard University
Associate Professor
Department of Microbiology

Talk Title: “Small protein effectors of an alternative sigma factor in S. aureus.”
Host: Shaun Brinsmade

picture of Christopher Krupenye

September 14th

Christopher Krupenye, Johns Hopkins University 
Assistant Professor
Talk Title
: Social knowledge and decision-making in chimpanzees and bonobos
Host: Janet Mann

José Lemos - Associate Professor, Department of Oral Biology, University of Florida

October 5, 2023

José Lemos, University of Florida
Associate Professor
Department of Oral Biology

Talk Title:  “Overcoming Nutritional Immunity is a Key Aspect of Enterococcus faecalis Pathogenesis and a Promising Target for Enterococcal Vaccine Development.”
Host: Shaun Brinsmade

Seth S. Margolis - Associate Professor of Biological Chemistry

October 12, 2023

Seth S. Margolis, Johns Hopkins University
Associate Professor of Biological Chemistry
Talk Title: The Neuronal Membrane Proteasome (NMP): A Modulator of Nervous System Signaling
Host: Haiyan He

Sreejith Nair

October 26, 2023

Sreejith Nair, Georgetown University Medical Center 
Assistant Professor
Talk Title: “Spatial Gene Regulation by Nuclear Organelles.”
Host: Ronda Rolfes

Jeffrey Allen Farrell - Stadtman Investigator, Unit on Cell Specification and

November 2nd, 2023

Jeffrey Allen Farrell, NICHD/DIR
Stadtman Investigator
Unit on Cell Specification and Differentiation
Talk Title: “Cell states and cell fates during zebrafish development”
Host: Ronda Rolfes

Anna Phan - Assistant Professor, Faculty of Science - Biological Sciences, University
of Alberta

November 9, 2023

Anna Phan, University of Alberta
Assistant Professor
Faculty of Science – Biological Sciences

Talk Title: “Studying memory suppressors reveal regulation of synaptic vesicle pool sizes.”
Host: Isaac Cervantes Sandoval

November 30, 2023

Denise Akob, USGS
Research Microbiologist
Talk Title: “Microbial Heroes: Working with Microbes to Solve & Respond to Anthropogenic Impacts”
Host: Isaac Cervantes Sandoval

Spring 2024

Mayra Vidal

January 18, 2024

Mayra Vidal, UMass Boston
Principal Investigator
Assistant Professor

Talk Title: “Using experimental evolution with budding yeast to explore coevolution and persistence of mutualistic interactions”
Host: Gina Wimp

January 25, 2024

Heather Watts, Washington State University
Associate Professor
Talk Title: “How do birds time “unpredictable” migrations?”
Host: BOGS

February 1st, 2024

Satish Ghimire, Georgetown University
Assistant Research Professor
Talk Title
: “SEMA5A regulates spontaneous neural activity in developing cochlea.”
Host: Thomas Coate

February 15, 2024

Dr. Megan McNamara, Ph.D., Georgetown University
Assistant Professor of Molecular Biology & Biochemistry
Talk Title: “Methylation Patterns of Cell-Free DNA in the Circulation Reveal Tissue-Specific Cellular Damage.”
Host: Heidi Elmendorf

February 22, 2024

Dr. Katherine Rogers, Ph.D., NIH NICHD
Principal Investigator
Unit on Developmental Signaling

Talk Title: “Decoding developmental signaling with molecular optogenetics in zebrafish.”
Host: Elena Silva

February 29, 2024

Dr. Elizabeth Shank, Ph.D., UMass Chan Medical School
Principal Investigator
Unit on Developmental Signaling

Talk Title: “Metabolic interactions in the soil microbiome.”
Host: Tiffany Zarrella

Teresita Padilla-Benavides, Wesleyan University

March 21, 2024

Teresita Padilla-Benavides, Wesleyan University
Assistant Professor of Molecular Biology & Biochemistry
Talk Title: “Cysteine Rich Protein 2 is a copper-responsive regulator of skeletal muscle differentiation.”
Host: Isaac Cervantes-Sandoval

Michael Johnson, University of Arizona

April 4, 2024

Michael Johnson, University of Arizona
Associate Professor, Immunobiology
Member, BIO5 Institute
Member, Valley Fever Center for Excellence
Member, Asthma & Airway Disease Research Center
Director of Graduate Studies, Industrial Microbiology Track, Applied Bioscience Program
Director of the National Summer Undergraduate Research Project (NSURP)
Talk Title: “Using Copper Toxicity to Exploit a Microbial Achilles Heel.”
Host: Shaun Brinsmade

Vanessa Ezenwa

April 11, 2024

Vanessa Ezenwa, Yale
Professor of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Talk Title: “Exploring links between parasites, host immune aging, and fitness in the wild.”
Host: Shweta Bansal

Christine Jacobs-Wagner, Stanford University

April 25, 2024

Christine Jacobs-Wagner, Stanford University
Dennis Cunningham Professor, Professor of Biology and of Microbiology and Immunology
Talk Title: “The unusual biology of the Lyme disease agent.”
Host: Shaun Brinsmade