Course Program for Biology Majors Who Will Graduate in 2018-2020

All majors in the department will fulfill the University Integrated Writing Requirement by completion of the coursework in the major. Students will gain exposure and instruction in Foundations in Biology, the Gateway course in the major, and upper-level coursework. No additional coursework is necessary. 

Completion of all requirements is necessary to obtain the major.

Biology Courses

Required core courses

(24 credits):

Introductory level courses

Gateway and Intermediate-level distribution courses: Students must select one course from each distribution area, but may take both courses if they wish.  These transition courses should be completed by the end of the junior year. 

Elective courses

(20 credits):

Concentrations of study

Students interested in concentrating in a particular area of study may choose one of the following concentrations (students are not required to choose a concentration). A concentration requires selecting six of the upper division electives from one of the two lists.

Total credit requirements: 44 credits of Biology courses

Additional Science Courses Required

Virtually every subdiscipline of Biology builds on expertise and perspective gained from studying another scientific discipline at a foundational level. Biology majors are therefore required to take additional science courses outside the Biology department to deepen their knowledge and to acquire a wider scope on Biology.

RISE – Research Intensive Senior Experience

RISE is an option for Biology majors.

Research will be conducted over two semesters in the senior year and is awarded a total of six credits. However, students may begin research earlier, generally in the third year and in the summer between the third and fourth years, by taking research tutorial for three credits.

The RISE options are researched in the laboratory, field or computer-based, teaching biology at the high school level, or meta-analysis of data. Students may find primary research among department faculty or faculty in other units across the university. If the primary faculty is not from the Biology department, the student must also find a co-mentor from among department faculty. Students register for the Research Tutorial or RISE section of their department mentor. 

Research Tutorial: BIOL-340 (students may enroll in this course once for credit, either spring or fall)

RISE: (6 credits total) – BIOL-341 (fall) and BIOL-342 (spring)

For questions on this major, consult your academic advisor or the Director of the Biology major, Prof. Jennifer Fox.