• Steve and Camila
    Singer and Coelho Publish Review Of Parasite Research

    Biology professor Steven Singer and postdoctoral fellow Camila Henriques Coelho, in collaboration with a team from Brazil, recently published an analysis of the spread of Giardia lamblia. Giardia lamblia is an intestinal parasite linked to untreated water and poor sanitation.

  • Jennifer Fox receives a teaching award
    Professor Jennifer Fox Receives an Award!

    We are pleased to announce the 2018 Teaching Excellence Award given to Professor Jennifer Fox. This is a special recognition of her outstanding teaching skills and a monetary acknowledgment of the significant work that she devotes to course planning and preparation to her courses.

  • Deirde Collins
    Fighting for the Future

    Each year Bermuda has the honor of enjoying one Rhodes Scholarship. This year, a biology major at Georgetown University Deirdre Collins (C’17) received the Rhodes Scholarship award.

  • Mark
    A New Understanding How Two Cells Know When to Fuse

    Research from the Rose lab published recently in the Journal of Cell Biology reveals a novel mechanism for how two mating yeast cells detect when they are in contact and trigger cell fusion.

  • Shweta Bansal
    Assistant Professor Shweta Bansal and Her Research

    Why one might ask, would you want to stop getting vaccines? Assistant Professor Shweta Bansal and her research collaborators are trying to identify just that. With datasets based on location and information on the emergence or childhood diseases, Bansal’s research is an attempt to validate or discredit the movement against vaccines one and for all.

  • Professor Maguire-Zeiss has recently been published an article
    One Step Closer Toward Understanding Neurodegenerative Disease

    Professor Maguire-Zeiss has recently been published in the European Journal of Neuroscience for a collaboration on research aimed toward understanding the inflammatory mechanisms underlying neuronal loss in degenerative disease.

  • Deep Thinkers: Inside the minds of whales, dolphins, and porpoises by Janet Mann
    A Dive into the thought process, mating habits, and identification patterns of Marine Animals

    Professor Mann’s new publications are changing our understanding of our underwater neighbors. Check out her contributions in her new book: Deep Thinkers: Inside the minds of whales, dolphins, and porpoises.

  • Martha Weiss talk at TEDx
    Martha Weiss Hosted at TEDxFoggy Bottom

    Professor Martha Weiss, in her TEDx talk, “Insect Metamorphosis: Success Through Reinvention” shows it is never too late for change!

  • Professor Heidi Elmendorf
    Biology Professor Finalist For Prestigious National Teaching Award
  • Picture of Paratha Sah smiling
    Congrats on Paratha Sah's Publication!

    Pratha Sah, a Georgetown Ph.D. published a paper